Welcome to Hillsborough, New Brunswick, a village to a wealth of history, vistas and recreation, and to the World Heritage FUNDY BIOSPHERE REGION.

See the mighty Petitcodiac River tides which carried the First Nations people upriver to their trails into the interior of the province.
Walk through our Wetlands Park to the dykes built by French settlers in 1699 to reclaim the fertile alluvial marsh for pasture, calling this place Village-des-Blanchard.
Discover, in season, the “fiddlehead” and “goose tongue” greens which the First Nations had introduced to the hungry European settlers.
See here the Monument commemorating the “Battle of the Petitcodiac” — the only victory by the French settlers from Germany in 1766 along the mighty Petitcodiac. Sample, in season, the “samphire greens” familiar to these and other settlers from their homelands in Europe.
Hike or Bike the mapped network of ‘gypsum’ trails behind the Hillsborough Golf Club, discovering at the start the dig which unearthed the most complete Mastedon skeleton ever found in North America.
Tour the New Brunswick Railway Museum, and the Steeves House Museum, featured at the center of our village.
Visit our Information Center to learn more of these and other things of interest in Hillsborough, at the nearby Albert County Museum, the Hopewell Rocks and the ‘farther along’ Cape Enrage, and Fundy National Park.  An Artisans’ Village is onsite by our Visitor Information Center, along with a playground, picnic area, RV parking lot and an historic military jet.

  (written submission from local resident, R. Hutchinson, February 8, 2019)

For additional information on what to See & Do in the area, please visit the Visitors section. Taking pride in our rural character, Hillsborough is a prime destination for the outdoor enthusiast. There is much to see and do in Hillsborough – be sure to make this a long stop along your journey!