The Acadian Village des Blanchard, now Hillsborough, held the Battle of the Petitcodiac on it’s marshes in September 1755. The battle was fought between the British colonial troops and Acadian resistance fighters trying to protect their families from deportation. It was one of the only major armed resistances and defeats of the British in the campaign against the Acadians. The Monument which depicts and commemorates the event can be viewed next to the parking area at the Municiple Office and NB Railway Museum.

For history on the battle, visit the Wikipedia page Battle of Petitcodiac or read the essay The Battle of the Petitcodiac, September 2nd, 1755
by Brad Shoebottom.

To view photos of the marsh troops landed and stationed themselves on the marsh visit Canada’s Historic Places’ page Acadien Battle Field.

To view historic photos of the monument visit Parks Canada
Directory of Federal Heritage Designations’ page Battle of Petitcodiac National Historic Event.

Battle of the Petitcodiac Monument
Battle of the Petitcodiac Monument in Hillsborough, NB.