Please see the updated guidelines below regarding Halloween. Since our Zone (Zone 1) has returned to the Yellow Phase, door-to-door trick-or-treating will be permitted in the Village of Hillsborough. Please review the guidelines and plan your Halloween activities accordingly. This is unprecedented times and the safety of our residents is of the utmost importance. Please practice these safety guidelines and have a safe Halloween.

Highlights to remember for providing treats:
🎃Sanitize your hands before touching treats
🎃Do up individual treat bags so that children won’t come in contact with other treats while they grab theirs.
🎃Do not offer home-made treats
🎃If you or someone in your home is in a higher risk group, you may choose to turn off your porch light and put a sign on your door such as “Have a Happy & Safe Halloween: No Visitors Please.”

Highlights to remember for trick-or-treating
🍬Wash your hands before leaving home and when you arrive home for the night
🍬An adult should be present to supervise children
🍬Limit trick-or-treating to one neighborhood
🍬Do not leave your home if you are feeling ill!