The organizing committee would like to thank all of the sponsors for the 2019 Homecoming Days. Without your support, these events would not be possible. Hillsborough Homecoming Days Sponsors:

Alaina Lockhart, MP Fundy Royal 
Albert County Clay Co. 
Albert County Funeral Home
Albert County Muffler
Atlantic Underground Services
Beechill Auto Body
Broadleaf Ranch 
Broadview Power Sports
Cinnamon Soul Cafe 
Cooke’s Country Store
East Coast International Trucks
Eastern Firewood
Farm Life Studio & B&B
Farmer Brown’s Greenhouse 
Ford’s Pharmacy
Frank L. Steeves 
Hillsborough Auto Sales & Leasing 
Hillsborough Freshmart/Mamma T’s Pizza
Hillsborough Golf Club & The Hills Restaurant 
Hillsborough Kiwanis
Hillsborough Service Center
Jasco Construction
Lyle Milton Trucking
Marcoux Construction
Norm’s Cozy Corner Upholstery 
Oliver’s German Bakery
Perfection Property Care
Ponderosa Pines Campground
Railway Diner
Riverview Truck Repair
Rob Moore
Rocco’s Cucina 
Scott Woo Construction 
Snider’s Garage
Soothing Waters Esthetics 
Southeastern Mutual Insurance, Jeff MacDougall 
Sun Life Financial, Greg Dickinson
The Gold Years Estate
The Homestead Restaurant 
The Pink Church
Trans East Trailers 
Village of Riverside-Albert 
Wayfarer Insurance Group
Wendy Johnston Pottery