Visit the site where the Hillsborough Mastodon was discovered in 1936, our mastodon is one of the best preserved and most complete mastodon skeletons ever discovered! The remains are now located in the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, NB.

For a short summary on the Mastodon visit Magnificent Rocks and read their Hillsborough Mastodon page. (Magnificent Rocks is a branch of the NB Museum.)

For more in depth information on the Mastodon visit the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences and read the article The Hillsborough, New Brunswick, mastodon and comments on other Pleistocene mastodon fossils from Nova Scotia by C. R. Harington, , D. R. Grant, and , R. J. Mott.

To see an exact GPS location of the Mastodon visit Orienteering New Brunswick.