Notice to Village Water & Sewer Customers – New Payment Options

The Village is in the process of adding some new payment options for residents. In addition to Scotiabank and Service New Brunswick; residents who are customers of CIBC can now make payments through them – via branch, ABM, telephone or on-line banking. To set us up as a bill payee, we are listed as Hillsborough Water/Sewer. The CIBC system does require 3 digits for the account, so if your water/sewer account# is less than 3 digits, put zeroes in front. Ex. Account #1 would be entered as 001.
Also, effective April 7th, Bank of Montreal customers will be able to pay via ABM, telephone or on-line banking. To set-up as a bill payee, we are listed as Hillsborough, Water-of-water_sewer. If/when new payment options are added, we will post an update.

Bank of Montreal
Service New Brunswick

Water/Sewer Line Updates

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  1. This post was a good idea. Reminded me I wanted to pay this and gave me a link to the SNB. Good job, guys.

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