A great place to go for a walk in the Village of Hillsborough is along the dykes. A stroll along the Dykeland Trails is sure to be a pleasant one as you may pass around an active beaver pond and numerous duck ponds before reaching the the dykes along the Petitcodiac River. At the riverside you will see the remnants of docks and the old gypsum silos that are slowing being taken by nature. Walking atop the dykes will reveal the beautiful river vista and its shores beyond.

The dykes along the Peticodiac River in Hillsborough were first built hundreds of years ago by Acadian people so that they could keep the tides at bay and farm the marshes.

Photo by Denise Bickford
The old silos and wharf in Hillsborough, NB.
The “Silos” and wharf remains in Hillsborough next the the Petitcodiac River. Photo by Brenda Berry