The CF-101 Voodoo jet was a Cold War supersonic escort fighter, interceptor, and tactical reconnaissance aircraft. Voodoo number 101028 is on display next to the NB Railway Museum along Steeves Street. There is a parking lot with picnic tables next the the jet.

CF-101s in Atlantic Canada:
CF-101 Voodoos were based at CFB Chatham in New Brunswick from November 1962 until the Voodoo phase out in December 1984. They could be armed with nuclear weapons. In fact, there were nuclear armed Genie missiles stored at CFB Chatham from April 1963 until June of 1975. After that, in times of tension or war, the 416 (Lynx Squadron) Voodoos would receive their Genies by flying to CFB Bagotville in Quebec. -Info from Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum

For more information on the CF-101 Voodoo and others on display in Atlantic Canada visit Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum News’ page CF-101 Voodoo History.

Photo by Will McDonnell
The Voodoo on display next to the Steeves Street parking lot.