Update – Effective Monday, May 28/19

The Village of Hillsborough is about to carry out planned maintenance on the Municipal Water Reservoir. This maintenance work is scheduled to being in May 28, 2019. It is anticipated that this work will extend over a two-week period. ?
The municipal water reservoir has two separate and equal compartments. Only one compartment will be removed from service at this time so the other will remain in use and normal water pressures will be available.
The work involves the draining of one reservoir compartment, so it can be inspected. The reservoir will then be disinfected prior to being returned to service. Bacteriological testing  will be conducted before the reservoir compartment is returned to service.
Since the Village’s storage volume will be reduced during this period, residents are asked to avoid excessive water use. 
The maintenance work being done is part of the Village of Hillsborough’s established procedures to preserve the quality of water delivered to its residents. Residents will be advised when this work has been completed and the reservoir is back in service. Please contact the Village Office if additional information on this program is desired.
Shari Kaster, Administrator/Clerk 506-734-3733

CONSERVE WATER NOTICE – To ensure the integrity of our water supply, it is imperative that people use the water wisely.
PLEASE fix any water leaks immediately.

Pay your Water and Sewer bill.