Water/Sewer Line Updates

Water Conservation
The Village of Hillsborough has two (2) water production wells. The main well is the main source of water for the Village and is able to sustain the Village when water levels are healthy. The second well produces about half the amount of the main well and is not typically able to sustain the Village with regular consumption levels. While both wells produce water that is approved by Public Health guidelines; the main well is the optimal well to use, both due to its production capability and the overall water quality.
The wells are dependent upon healthy groundwater tables and during dry seasons, such as last summer, it puts great strain on the wells. Last summer, with the lack of rain; it put the water system at risk. We do not want to have the same issues this year.
Water is an unbelievably valuable resource and there is not an endless supply of it. It is up to each resident to ensure that they use their water wisely; remember, it is always important to conserve!
We ask that residents do not:
– Water lawns
– Fill swimming pools
– Use water needlessly
Water Conservation Tips:
– Run only full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine
– Do not run water when rinsing dishes, washing fruit and
vegetables, bushing teeth or shaving.
– If washing a vehicle, please ensure that you use a nozzle on
your garden hose; or a better alternative is to use a pressure
washer, as it uses much less water
– Please fix any water leaks immediately
Please remember to conserve water whenever possible to help protect the long-term use of the Municipal water supply.

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